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I have been Vahid Faghihi’s advisor for three years in Construction Engineering and Management division of Zachry Department of Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University. During these years I was also mentoring him as my teaching assistant for three different courses. I am advising Vahid on his dissertation which he is planning to defend by the end of 2013 and graduate in the following semester.

Vahid is a very impressive individual in many ways. As a graduate student he has written three journal papers (two have already been published) and five conference papers within last two years. I am impressed by both the breadth and depth of Vahid's scholarly work.

It is difficult to succeed in one area of scholarship. Vahid is making an effort to work across two areas, construction engineering and computer science. I believe that his work will provide a theoretical and practical perspective on the interrelations between the two fields of study that will raise issues for today and for future scholars.

At a more personal level I find Vahid to be commutative and supportive person. He sets an example with the energy that he puts into his research. I know very few people who can get as excited as Vahid when involved in research. He certainly spreads this excitement and enthusiasm to others.


November 19, 2013
Kenneth F. Reinschmidt, Ph.D.
 J. L. Frank/Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC Chair in Engineering Project Management


Vahid has worked for me as a research assistant doing data analysis on a project for the Texas Department of Transportation. He did excellent work on that project. Vahid and I are currently working together to model the dynamics of Paid-From-Success strategies for financing sustainability improvement projects. He has taken the lead in the model and done very good work. I look forward to continuing to work with Vahid.


December 2, 2012

I endorse Vahid for his excellent work on the analysis of TxDOT data on the performance of contracted professional engineering firms.


November 16, 2012
David N. Ford, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University and Urban/Beavers Development Professor


Vahid did a great job developing prediction market model!


February 5, 2013
Dr. Ivan D. Damnjanovic
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University and Beavers Charitable Trust/William F. Urban '41 Faculty Fellow in Construction Engineering and Management I


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